Saturday, 16 August 2014

Beginner's Strength Training Routine for Women

Hello there, pretty ladies :)

I've been doing a lot of reading regarding the best workouts in the gym for women first timers.There are of course a lot of variations. Most of the women I met in the gym would do either squat or treadmill jog. But pretty much most of the time they just prefer to hop on the treadmill and jog forever. Listen sweethearts, if you are going to do only cardio everytime you step your foot in the gym, it will not help you much in turning your body into sexy masterpiece like Jillian Michael.


Too much cardio will only cause muscles loss. The less muscles you have, the slower your metabolic rate is. Slow metabolic rate means more contribution to the fat storage. Therefore, by merely doing hours of cardio, you are slowing down your progress of having toned and less fat body. The worst case of all,  you will not going to make any significant changes at all.

In order to turn this around, you need to integrate STRENGTH training into your workout plan.
That's right, it is the strength training that gives a woman, sexy arms, rounded butt, flat stomach, firm chest and overall attractive shape.

Cardio is important too, but you gotta mix up the exercise to achieve best result.

So girls, if we're talking about strength, squat isnt necessarily the only workout you can do. There a lot of type of workouts that are suitable for women. I will list them down in a shortwhile.  Remember, just because this training's intention is to develop strength, it doesnt mean that you're gonna get bulky.
First things first, DO NOT afraid of getting bulky. Coz you are'nt going to and will never be. At least not without hormone injection. It takes a whole lot more than just lifting tiny pink dumbbell or 10KG squats to become muscular. So, dont be intimidated by the workouts. Let's just have a good time, get sweaty and start the life-changing activity of becoming toned and sexaaay.

Since now you know that lifting weights isnt going to turn you into Incredible Hulk,  this is how it's gonna be:

Beginner's Strength Training Routine for Women

Training Schedule:
-3x per week
-Choose whichever days that are most convenient to you and make sure the days are not consecutive.
-Example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

This is a total body exercise plan. It consists of compound movement exercises, so while working out one part of your muscles, it will indirectly work your other muscles too.


1)Barbell Deadlift
4 sets with 6 repetitions each.
1 minute rest between sets.

2) Dumbbell Bench Press
4 sets with 6 repetitions each
1minute rest between sets.

3) Dumbbell Row
4 sets with 6 repetitions each
1minute rest between sets.
(exchange between hands)


4)Squat(Barbell/Smith Machine)
3 sets with 12 reps each
1 minutes(or less) rest between sets

5) Push Up
3 sets 12 reps each
1 minutes(or less) rest between sets

6) Lat Pull Down
3 sets 12 reps each
1 minutes(or less) rest between sets


1) Always challenge yourself. When doing high intensity workouts, always go for the heaviest weight you could lift with possibility of doing 6-7 reps only. Same goes when doing low intensity workout. Lighter weight but by the time you reach the 12th rep, it means you have to struggle to continue.

2) Proper technique over numbers. Pick weights based on your strength level. Go light if you really need to. Maintain good posture and technique all the time.

3) Warm your body up prior to working out. Stretching up and a bit of cardio will reduce greatly the chance of getting injury.

Now that you know how to train your strength properly, take this new knowledge to the gym and start lifitng weights. All the best! :D

Any further questions you can simply ask me via FB or comments section.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Gym's Top Five Douchebags

First of all, before I spout in this post with a lot of negativity, I would like to wish to all of my iron brethren:


It's good to feel  those hard-ass and rough irons and weights in your palms again. Although, strength decreasing is normal after a long break from gym, but you dont have to worry.  You will get back up to where you were after a few of beast and hardcore training sessions.

Alright. I love gym as much as you do. The weights, music, cool gym buddies, and protein shake, they all make our gym experience much more lively(sort of). EXCEPT these people which I personally despise and most of you would probably despised as well.

Douchebags. Yep. Douchebags whose unenlightened and self-absorbed behaviors make our gym experiences a lil bit more difficult to enjoy.

How do you know if a person is a douchebag or not? You may recognize one if you have been working out long enough in the gym. Sorry guys. I just feel the need to write about this today coz from what I saw, these douchebags population is getting even bigger than ever. Here's the list of some of the gym douches whom I personally have encountered myself during my entire years of lifting weight. Watch out!

1) The Judges

This one aint nothing new. The love to laugh or make giggling expression while checking out on other gym newbies.  "Look at that pussy, liftin 10kgs dumbbells". Okay I exaggerated a bit , but all in all, these douchebags love to have a good time by making fun of other gym newbies.

2) The Social Network Junkies
Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace Friendster n all that shit. You just name it. These people cant seem to be separated from their savvy smartphone even for one bit. They lift for a while, and then start checking on their phone again. Most of gyms have no-phone-while-working-out policy, so it's kinda rude to use your phone while working out as you will take more time than you're suppose to. Someone might has been waiting for you to get off and was reluctant to speak up. So do us all a favour and leave your phone in the gym bag.

3)The Chatter
I can guarantee you, in two hours period of them being in a gym, almost half of it will be used for chit chatting. Gym is NOT a place for socializing. It's a sacred place for all God's servants to train their body and become strong. Chatting a lil bit here and there among your friends is okay tho. What I meant is, please leave your war stories, love life, how your cat died and other bullshits outside of the gym.

4) The Machine Hogger
Hey man, I know how important for you to finish all your workout. But please, dont superset if you see the gym is crowded . For those of you who are wondering what the hell is "superset", it is a combination of two or more different exercises which right after you finish the first exercise, you straight jump into the second exercise without delay. Superset is optional. But it's quiet pain in the ass if you see someone is being inconsiderate enough to superset while knowing that the gym is crowded.

5) The Guys Who Do'nt Re-Rack

There is nothing quite like looking for a 20kgs dumbell or plate on a busy weekdays night and not being able to find one. Please, re-rack the weights after using it. It's an eyesore to see dumbbells and plates lying around on the floor and it makes you unsure of whether someone is using it or not. This includes those who throw down their weights angrily and scream as if the weights had killed their mother or something.