Tuesday, 15 July 2014

You're scared to go to gym? Dude, that's normal.

Yeap. We all have gone through that experience at some point of our life.Most people reject the idea of going to gym not because of sheer laziness, but, it's because they are scared.

What?Scared?What do they scared of?

1. People will look at you when you go into a gym.
Yeah man. I feel you dawg. We go to the gym because we want to make ourselves better. That means, we arent satisfied with our current look/fitness level/health level etc. And those hardcore musclebound freaks keep on looking at you when they should have been minding their own business.

2. "I really wanna get in shape first before I go to the gym!"
I admit, I did think like this back in the days. Why, coz my physique is not that impressive and I feared that people would laugh at me.

3. Confusing machinery
Dumbbells, straight bar, EZ bar, preacher curl machine, cable crossover, squat,they can be very confusing if you've never used them before. Plus, the fear of looking stupid is sooo traumatic.

These fears are actually ambiguous. You arent actually afraid of the gym, you are afraid the people's perception towards you.

So what you should be doing are:

1. People will look at other people regardless. 
Just be focused on yourself and your workouts. It's about you and not about those people wandering around the gym. If it bothers you that much, go invest on some headphones, tune into the music and block everyone out. 

2. Keep in mind that those people in the gym probably have the same reasons of going there as you. So dont feel intimidated. You have a noble ambition of making yourself physically better and healthier , they will respect you for that. So dont worry too much.

3. Be prepared.
Do some research on workouts or exercises by watching those Youtube's videos prior to going to gym. There are masses of useful workout videos that shows correct forms and workout programs that you can easily follow. Those machines that you have no idea whatsoever of how to use 'em?Google.

Truthfully guys, nobody cares if you lift tiny weights or what. We all start somewhere. Just mind your own business and 99% of the time, nobody will bother you.  The other 1% of the time is actually a generally helpful advisory on your workout's form, which is useful, and that happens only if you lift like this: