Thursday, 17 July 2014

You gotta eat to grow big

A lot of my friends have been asking why their muscle are'nt growing. They have been on protein shakes for quite sometimes, but still their body remained the same. So what's the reason?

The first thing I always ask them back:

Are you eating enough food?

One thing that gym goers should know is that supplements are just supplement. They are there to give you what you dont get in your diet. They are just a mere add-on to your main meals. You are so not going to optimize your muscle growth if you are compensating those precious main dining times(breakfast, lunch, dinner) with only protein shakes.

Here's a photo of what you're supposed to have in your plate:

Classic ol' rice and chicken
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So what's in the plate? You got:
Protein: Protein is the brick to your muscles. I dont have to highlight how important protein is to your muscle growth.

Carb: Carb is the brick layers. It's like Gatorade for your muscle. Without it, the body will convert those proteins that you just drank into energy instead of using it for muscle growth.

Micronutrients(vitamins,mineral): They are the weatherproofing substance to your bricks.

Proper nutrition is as much as important as workout. It's a fuel to your body. If you dont eat enough, your body will not have the adequate source of energy to fuel your body up for muscle growth. And that explains why your body isnt getting bigger.


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