Sunday, 13 July 2014


I heard it too many times already when people keep on using the word 'obsessed' , 'freak' and 'addict' to gym goers like me and you. Well , im not completely in a disagreement to that statement but i do admit, it sounded ignorant.  Im so not gonna bring up this epic quote of "obsessed is what the lazy call the dedicated' to counter those accusations coz it's way too cliche and kinda geeky.

You see, gym freak/obsessed/maniac are just normal people that are willing to undergo a long ass process of building their physique to the point of perfection. Like every other successful individuals, we have an idea and we formulated a strategy to make the idea a realization, which is, a physique perfection. In order to make an idea a reality, you gotta step above normal and become OBSESSED, then only success can be achieved.

Imagine a teacher. A teacher is just a normal person who teaches kids in school. To become above normal, a teacher needs to equip himself/herself with the proper education and become professor. Same goes with a cook. A cook is a person who prepares food. However, a professional chef is someone who prepares food, but, with a skill and knowledge that way superior than a normal cook. It's the same concept.

It's all about getting out of your comfort zone and become better than the person next to you. Thats it.

There's no such things as negative obsession or addiction term for people who strive to make their life worth living. Be it a professor, or a chef, or anything, you gotta become obsessed by putting your heart, blood, money, relentless efforts and soul into your dreams.

There's no space for mediocrity for those who are hunger for perfection.


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