Monday, 28 July 2014

Quick Tips: How To Manage Your Weight During Eidul Fitri

It's 9pm and Im home alone. Everyone has gone out celebrating raya since afternoon .

Me? Im just sittin here doing nothing. Just finished my bodyweight workout this evening. Did'nt do much. The effect of one month hiatus from gym is just too significant. Plus, I had gastritis for almost two week and my weight went down from 90kg to 85kg due to insufficient protein intake. I had to eat porridge and drink hot Milo ONLY and it was horrible. Gastritis sucks.

 It's not going to be much of a celebration for me this year. In fact, it has been like that for a few years now

 My life is a pretty dull here ever since I finished my college. I really miss my college life. That was when I really matter to the people around me. Now, Im just another unemployed grown up. Haha.

The truth is, I'm not planning to work yet. At least not full time. Bulking up and taking fitness courses are my priorities now. However, I've been doing some freelance jobs and earning enough amount of money just to support my daily expenses. A man gotta make a living.

Alright, enough of that.


Yeah, of course by eating too much. Imagine you're going out celebrating from house to house, let's say 5 houses, that equals to 5 servings of high caloric food  in just one day. Plus, you were planning to skip exercise for one or two days, for the sake celebrating Eid right? And that makes it even worse.

In the end, all these calories will end up not being burn. Thus, fats. Alot of fats.

But that will not be a problem if you know how to control your eating.

This is what I do to control my weight in every festive seasons:
1)Eat in a small portions.
2)Avoid carbonated drinks.
3)Always bring a bottle of plain water and take a sip every other time. This will help you cope with your appetite so you will not gonna swallow too much of those sweet munchies and cakes which are usually served in a masses during Eidul Fitri.. :D

Well, thats pretty much it guys. Happy celebrating and stay fit! Enjoy your Eidul Fitri!


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