Saturday, 12 July 2014

Whats up

The name is Ridzwan. You may call me Wan or Ridz, doesnt matter. Nothing appealing about me, Malaysian, standing at 5'9 200lbs, a English Comm. degree holder. Im not a looker, but some women do find me attractive, so i got that going for me, which is nice.(Thanks 9GAG)

So what is it that I'm doing that enable me to standout among everybody else. What is my X-Factors that differentiate me from other human being. What are the THINGS that make me special that makes me feel good enough to write this goddamn blog so that it will make you guys feel good about me?

There are two things:
 Im a free-thinker. God bless me coz Im not like those motherfukin bigots who drugged themselves with too much distrust and hatred towards other person just because you have different ideology.

Im a fitness, a bodybuilder and a martial artist. Im a cardiovascular machine. I would love to help and assist ANYONE who wishes to make a positive change in their physique, health and life. If by this method I could make this world a lil bit better place for people to live, I would happily dedicate my life in this cause.

So thats it people. Im just average really. If you find my writings interesting, thats cool. I dont hope for comments or what, it's your choice. Just be my regular readers. Thats all Im asking. Lastly, be entertained and be educated, people.

God bless everyone.


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