Thursday, 24 July 2014

10 Gym Advices You Probably Should'nt Listen To

1) "Those whey protein you were using, they are like steroids. So that means you are'nt natural."
I was laughing my ass off when he told me this. Whey is a part of milk, how can one classify something that is made from milk, which is naturally came from a cow, as unnatural? It's a food supplement. Unless if you're talking about those exogenous hormones pills.

2) "Weightlifting belt will slim down your stomach"
 I've been trying to find a research being done about this, but none can be found. The belt was designed to reduce the odds of  getting lower back injury.  If you wanna slim down your tummy, you might as well try corset.

3) "Jogging and running is enough for legs training."
I really wish this one is true.

                            "I love Kaitlyn :)) "

4) "Women will bulk-up when working out with heavy weights."
Dont worry girls. You wont turn into a She-Hulk. Most women simply do not posses the level of testosterone necessary to become big like a bodybuilder. Plus, you wont become one just because you do 5kgs squats, it takes A LOT more than that. Those women wrestlers you saw on TV, they are probably supplementing themselves with hormones.

5)"You can eat whatever you want when bulking."
Yes you can. But if you dont monitor your caloric intake and where does it come from, you will end up gaining more fat than muscles.  More fat mean more time is needed to shred it. You might lose some of your precious hard-earned muscles while in the process of shredding up.

6) "Why would you want to go to gym so much? You are big enough and you're just gonna look too big. "
Tell them: "It's not your body man. It's mine." It's a personal preference. Even if you wanna be huge like Ronnie, just go for it. Dont listen to people too much. Sometimes they can be so demotivating.

7) "Protein shakes will make you fat."
No. Fat will make you fat.

8) "Your protein will get confused if you train two body parts on the same day. They will not know where to go."
LOL. Maybe the protein are too dumb to ask for direction. I dont know where he got this idea from, but it sounds hilarious no matter how much i tried to believe it.

9) "High rep for cutting, low rep for bulking"
I know, you will get a lot of mix opinions about this, but so far what's work for me is, to stick to what you're doing on a bulk. Diet and cardio are the factors that will play major role in making changes to your body fat level.

10) "If you stop working out, your muscle will turn to fat."

Muscle is muscle. Fat is fat. They are both made from different types of cell. The only thing thats gonna happen when you stop working out, is muscle-shrinking(muscle atrophy). This is due to lack of physical activity, thus the body is conserving its energy consumption by losing those muscles mass that you didnt use.

How about you folks? Care to share? :D


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