Saturday, 16 August 2014

Beginner's Strength Training Routine for Women

Hello there, pretty ladies :)

I've been doing a lot of reading regarding the best workouts in the gym for women first timers.There are of course a lot of variations. Most of the women I met in the gym would do either squat or treadmill jog. But pretty much most of the time they just prefer to hop on the treadmill and jog forever. Listen sweethearts, if you are going to do only cardio everytime you step your foot in the gym, it will not help you much in turning your body into sexy masterpiece like Jillian Michael.


Too much cardio will only cause muscles loss. The less muscles you have, the slower your metabolic rate is. Slow metabolic rate means more contribution to the fat storage. Therefore, by merely doing hours of cardio, you are slowing down your progress of having toned and less fat body. The worst case of all,  you will not going to make any significant changes at all.

In order to turn this around, you need to integrate STRENGTH training into your workout plan.
That's right, it is the strength training that gives a woman, sexy arms, rounded butt, flat stomach, firm chest and overall attractive shape.

Cardio is important too, but you gotta mix up the exercise to achieve best result.

So girls, if we're talking about strength, squat isnt necessarily the only workout you can do. There a lot of type of workouts that are suitable for women. I will list them down in a shortwhile.  Remember, just because this training's intention is to develop strength, it doesnt mean that you're gonna get bulky.
First things first, DO NOT afraid of getting bulky. Coz you are'nt going to and will never be. At least not without hormone injection. It takes a whole lot more than just lifting tiny pink dumbbell or 10KG squats to become muscular. So, dont be intimidated by the workouts. Let's just have a good time, get sweaty and start the life-changing activity of becoming toned and sexaaay.

Since now you know that lifting weights isnt going to turn you into Incredible Hulk,  this is how it's gonna be:

Beginner's Strength Training Routine for Women

Training Schedule:
-3x per week
-Choose whichever days that are most convenient to you and make sure the days are not consecutive.
-Example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

This is a total body exercise plan. It consists of compound movement exercises, so while working out one part of your muscles, it will indirectly work your other muscles too.


1)Barbell Deadlift
4 sets with 6 repetitions each.
1 minute rest between sets.

2) Dumbbell Bench Press
4 sets with 6 repetitions each
1minute rest between sets.

3) Dumbbell Row
4 sets with 6 repetitions each
1minute rest between sets.
(exchange between hands)


4)Squat(Barbell/Smith Machine)
3 sets with 12 reps each
1 minutes(or less) rest between sets

5) Push Up
3 sets 12 reps each
1 minutes(or less) rest between sets

6) Lat Pull Down
3 sets 12 reps each
1 minutes(or less) rest between sets


1) Always challenge yourself. When doing high intensity workouts, always go for the heaviest weight you could lift with possibility of doing 6-7 reps only. Same goes when doing low intensity workout. Lighter weight but by the time you reach the 12th rep, it means you have to struggle to continue.

2) Proper technique over numbers. Pick weights based on your strength level. Go light if you really need to. Maintain good posture and technique all the time.

3) Warm your body up prior to working out. Stretching up and a bit of cardio will reduce greatly the chance of getting injury.

Now that you know how to train your strength properly, take this new knowledge to the gym and start lifitng weights. All the best! :D

Any further questions you can simply ask me via FB or comments section.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Gym's Top Five Douchebags

First of all, before I spout in this post with a lot of negativity, I would like to wish to all of my iron brethren:


It's good to feel  those hard-ass and rough irons and weights in your palms again. Although, strength decreasing is normal after a long break from gym, but you dont have to worry.  You will get back up to where you were after a few of beast and hardcore training sessions.

Alright. I love gym as much as you do. The weights, music, cool gym buddies, and protein shake, they all make our gym experience much more lively(sort of). EXCEPT these people which I personally despise and most of you would probably despised as well.

Douchebags. Yep. Douchebags whose unenlightened and self-absorbed behaviors make our gym experiences a lil bit more difficult to enjoy.

How do you know if a person is a douchebag or not? You may recognize one if you have been working out long enough in the gym. Sorry guys. I just feel the need to write about this today coz from what I saw, these douchebags population is getting even bigger than ever. Here's the list of some of the gym douches whom I personally have encountered myself during my entire years of lifting weight. Watch out!

1) The Judges

This one aint nothing new. The love to laugh or make giggling expression while checking out on other gym newbies.  "Look at that pussy, liftin 10kgs dumbbells". Okay I exaggerated a bit , but all in all, these douchebags love to have a good time by making fun of other gym newbies.

2) The Social Network Junkies
Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace Friendster n all that shit. You just name it. These people cant seem to be separated from their savvy smartphone even for one bit. They lift for a while, and then start checking on their phone again. Most of gyms have no-phone-while-working-out policy, so it's kinda rude to use your phone while working out as you will take more time than you're suppose to. Someone might has been waiting for you to get off and was reluctant to speak up. So do us all a favour and leave your phone in the gym bag.

3)The Chatter
I can guarantee you, in two hours period of them being in a gym, almost half of it will be used for chit chatting. Gym is NOT a place for socializing. It's a sacred place for all God's servants to train their body and become strong. Chatting a lil bit here and there among your friends is okay tho. What I meant is, please leave your war stories, love life, how your cat died and other bullshits outside of the gym.

4) The Machine Hogger
Hey man, I know how important for you to finish all your workout. But please, dont superset if you see the gym is crowded . For those of you who are wondering what the hell is "superset", it is a combination of two or more different exercises which right after you finish the first exercise, you straight jump into the second exercise without delay. Superset is optional. But it's quiet pain in the ass if you see someone is being inconsiderate enough to superset while knowing that the gym is crowded.

5) The Guys Who Do'nt Re-Rack

There is nothing quite like looking for a 20kgs dumbell or plate on a busy weekdays night and not being able to find one. Please, re-rack the weights after using it. It's an eyesore to see dumbbells and plates lying around on the floor and it makes you unsure of whether someone is using it or not. This includes those who throw down their weights angrily and scream as if the weights had killed their mother or something.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Quick Tips: How To Manage Your Weight During Eidul Fitri

It's 9pm and Im home alone. Everyone has gone out celebrating raya since afternoon .

Me? Im just sittin here doing nothing. Just finished my bodyweight workout this evening. Did'nt do much. The effect of one month hiatus from gym is just too significant. Plus, I had gastritis for almost two week and my weight went down from 90kg to 85kg due to insufficient protein intake. I had to eat porridge and drink hot Milo ONLY and it was horrible. Gastritis sucks.

 It's not going to be much of a celebration for me this year. In fact, it has been like that for a few years now

 My life is a pretty dull here ever since I finished my college. I really miss my college life. That was when I really matter to the people around me. Now, Im just another unemployed grown up. Haha.

The truth is, I'm not planning to work yet. At least not full time. Bulking up and taking fitness courses are my priorities now. However, I've been doing some freelance jobs and earning enough amount of money just to support my daily expenses. A man gotta make a living.

Alright, enough of that.


Yeah, of course by eating too much. Imagine you're going out celebrating from house to house, let's say 5 houses, that equals to 5 servings of high caloric food  in just one day. Plus, you were planning to skip exercise for one or two days, for the sake celebrating Eid right? And that makes it even worse.

In the end, all these calories will end up not being burn. Thus, fats. Alot of fats.

But that will not be a problem if you know how to control your eating.

This is what I do to control my weight in every festive seasons:
1)Eat in a small portions.
2)Avoid carbonated drinks.
3)Always bring a bottle of plain water and take a sip every other time. This will help you cope with your appetite so you will not gonna swallow too much of those sweet munchies and cakes which are usually served in a masses during Eidul Fitri.. :D

Well, thats pretty much it guys. Happy celebrating and stay fit! Enjoy your Eidul Fitri!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

What is Whey Protein?

This few days have been a whirlwind and I didnt manage to find time to write.

So, I came across this cool infograph while doing my extensive reading and research yesterday . Thought it will be worth sharing here with you awesome readers :D.

It shows how whey protein is made, functions, benefits, and other cool information in a very colourful and easy-to-read manner.

Check it out!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

10 Gym Advices You Probably Should'nt Listen To

1) "Those whey protein you were using, they are like steroids. So that means you are'nt natural."
I was laughing my ass off when he told me this. Whey is a part of milk, how can one classify something that is made from milk, which is naturally came from a cow, as unnatural? It's a food supplement. Unless if you're talking about those exogenous hormones pills.

2) "Weightlifting belt will slim down your stomach"
 I've been trying to find a research being done about this, but none can be found. The belt was designed to reduce the odds of  getting lower back injury.  If you wanna slim down your tummy, you might as well try corset.

3) "Jogging and running is enough for legs training."
I really wish this one is true.

                            "I love Kaitlyn :)) "

4) "Women will bulk-up when working out with heavy weights."
Dont worry girls. You wont turn into a She-Hulk. Most women simply do not posses the level of testosterone necessary to become big like a bodybuilder. Plus, you wont become one just because you do 5kgs squats, it takes A LOT more than that. Those women wrestlers you saw on TV, they are probably supplementing themselves with hormones.

5)"You can eat whatever you want when bulking."
Yes you can. But if you dont monitor your caloric intake and where does it come from, you will end up gaining more fat than muscles.  More fat mean more time is needed to shred it. You might lose some of your precious hard-earned muscles while in the process of shredding up.

6) "Why would you want to go to gym so much? You are big enough and you're just gonna look too big. "
Tell them: "It's not your body man. It's mine." It's a personal preference. Even if you wanna be huge like Ronnie, just go for it. Dont listen to people too much. Sometimes they can be so demotivating.

7) "Protein shakes will make you fat."
No. Fat will make you fat.

8) "Your protein will get confused if you train two body parts on the same day. They will not know where to go."
LOL. Maybe the protein are too dumb to ask for direction. I dont know where he got this idea from, but it sounds hilarious no matter how much i tried to believe it.

9) "High rep for cutting, low rep for bulking"
I know, you will get a lot of mix opinions about this, but so far what's work for me is, to stick to what you're doing on a bulk. Diet and cardio are the factors that will play major role in making changes to your body fat level.

10) "If you stop working out, your muscle will turn to fat."

Muscle is muscle. Fat is fat. They are both made from different types of cell. The only thing thats gonna happen when you stop working out, is muscle-shrinking(muscle atrophy). This is due to lack of physical activity, thus the body is conserving its energy consumption by losing those muscles mass that you didnt use.

How about you folks? Care to share? :D

Saturday, 19 July 2014

3 Simple Rules for Gym Newbies

Hey man. It's almost the end of Ramadhan, and I know most of you gym junkies cant wait to get yo ass back in the gym. Gotta grow dem muscles man. This is what we do baby.

Quite a few have come to me and ask, why does my body so damn hard to grow? Some gym newbies mistakenly thought that they are a hardgainer. I saw a lot of people were too focus with lifting weights, but at the same time, could'nt care less of those minor stuffs that could have make a big change to their body. So in today's post, I would like to share those 'minor stuffs', which to me, are the most fundamental rules of bodybuilding you just cant afford to overlook.

1) Eat at least 5 times a day!
It will keep your metabolism running and  nutrient-feed(anabolic) your body all day. You dont want your body to breakdown those precious muscles when you starve. Gotta keep them active. And dont forget to eat enough carbs one hour before you hit the gym.

2)Drink plenty of water!
Even a slight temporary shortage of water in your body can impair your body strength. Lack of electrolyte and lubricant to your joints are among the effects of dehydration and this could affect greatly your lifting performance.

3)Get enough sleep!
Sleep is good man. Muscle growth will only happen when you are asleep. Sleep deprivation will only slow down your muscle building progress and you really dont want that to happen. Reduce those midnight social activities and go get yourself a beautiful sleep.

So guys and girls, get these rules checked coz God knows how hard we have worked, and how much time we have spent in the weight room. So it's very important to make sure that every gym session is going to end up with MUSCLE GAINZZZ.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

You gotta eat to grow big

A lot of my friends have been asking why their muscle are'nt growing. They have been on protein shakes for quite sometimes, but still their body remained the same. So what's the reason?

The first thing I always ask them back:

Are you eating enough food?

One thing that gym goers should know is that supplements are just supplement. They are there to give you what you dont get in your diet. They are just a mere add-on to your main meals. You are so not going to optimize your muscle growth if you are compensating those precious main dining times(breakfast, lunch, dinner) with only protein shakes.

Here's a photo of what you're supposed to have in your plate:

Classic ol' rice and chicken
Photo's courtesy of

So what's in the plate? You got:
Protein: Protein is the brick to your muscles. I dont have to highlight how important protein is to your muscle growth.

Carb: Carb is the brick layers. It's like Gatorade for your muscle. Without it, the body will convert those proteins that you just drank into energy instead of using it for muscle growth.

Micronutrients(vitamins,mineral): They are the weatherproofing substance to your bricks.

Proper nutrition is as much as important as workout. It's a fuel to your body. If you dont eat enough, your body will not have the adequate source of energy to fuel your body up for muscle growth. And that explains why your body isnt getting bigger.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

You're scared to go to gym? Dude, that's normal.

Yeap. We all have gone through that experience at some point of our life.Most people reject the idea of going to gym not because of sheer laziness, but, it's because they are scared.

What?Scared?What do they scared of?

1. People will look at you when you go into a gym.
Yeah man. I feel you dawg. We go to the gym because we want to make ourselves better. That means, we arent satisfied with our current look/fitness level/health level etc. And those hardcore musclebound freaks keep on looking at you when they should have been minding their own business.

2. "I really wanna get in shape first before I go to the gym!"
I admit, I did think like this back in the days. Why, coz my physique is not that impressive and I feared that people would laugh at me.

3. Confusing machinery
Dumbbells, straight bar, EZ bar, preacher curl machine, cable crossover, squat,they can be very confusing if you've never used them before. Plus, the fear of looking stupid is sooo traumatic.

These fears are actually ambiguous. You arent actually afraid of the gym, you are afraid the people's perception towards you.

So what you should be doing are:

1. People will look at other people regardless. 
Just be focused on yourself and your workouts. It's about you and not about those people wandering around the gym. If it bothers you that much, go invest on some headphones, tune into the music and block everyone out. 

2. Keep in mind that those people in the gym probably have the same reasons of going there as you. So dont feel intimidated. You have a noble ambition of making yourself physically better and healthier , they will respect you for that. So dont worry too much.

3. Be prepared.
Do some research on workouts or exercises by watching those Youtube's videos prior to going to gym. There are masses of useful workout videos that shows correct forms and workout programs that you can easily follow. Those machines that you have no idea whatsoever of how to use 'em?Google.

Truthfully guys, nobody cares if you lift tiny weights or what. We all start somewhere. Just mind your own business and 99% of the time, nobody will bother you.  The other 1% of the time is actually a generally helpful advisory on your workout's form, which is useful, and that happens only if you lift like this:

Sunday, 13 July 2014


I heard it too many times already when people keep on using the word 'obsessed' , 'freak' and 'addict' to gym goers like me and you. Well , im not completely in a disagreement to that statement but i do admit, it sounded ignorant.  Im so not gonna bring up this epic quote of "obsessed is what the lazy call the dedicated' to counter those accusations coz it's way too cliche and kinda geeky.

You see, gym freak/obsessed/maniac are just normal people that are willing to undergo a long ass process of building their physique to the point of perfection. Like every other successful individuals, we have an idea and we formulated a strategy to make the idea a realization, which is, a physique perfection. In order to make an idea a reality, you gotta step above normal and become OBSESSED, then only success can be achieved.

Imagine a teacher. A teacher is just a normal person who teaches kids in school. To become above normal, a teacher needs to equip himself/herself with the proper education and become professor. Same goes with a cook. A cook is a person who prepares food. However, a professional chef is someone who prepares food, but, with a skill and knowledge that way superior than a normal cook. It's the same concept.

It's all about getting out of your comfort zone and become better than the person next to you. Thats it.

There's no such things as negative obsession or addiction term for people who strive to make their life worth living. Be it a professor, or a chef, or anything, you gotta become obsessed by putting your heart, blood, money, relentless efforts and soul into your dreams.

There's no space for mediocrity for those who are hunger for perfection.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Whats up

The name is Ridzwan. You may call me Wan or Ridz, doesnt matter. Nothing appealing about me, Malaysian, standing at 5'9 200lbs, a English Comm. degree holder. Im not a looker, but some women do find me attractive, so i got that going for me, which is nice.(Thanks 9GAG)

So what is it that I'm doing that enable me to standout among everybody else. What is my X-Factors that differentiate me from other human being. What are the THINGS that make me special that makes me feel good enough to write this goddamn blog so that it will make you guys feel good about me?

There are two things:
 Im a free-thinker. God bless me coz Im not like those motherfukin bigots who drugged themselves with too much distrust and hatred towards other person just because you have different ideology.

Im a fitness, a bodybuilder and a martial artist. Im a cardiovascular machine. I would love to help and assist ANYONE who wishes to make a positive change in their physique, health and life. If by this method I could make this world a lil bit better place for people to live, I would happily dedicate my life in this cause.

So thats it people. Im just average really. If you find my writings interesting, thats cool. I dont hope for comments or what, it's your choice. Just be my regular readers. Thats all Im asking. Lastly, be entertained and be educated, people.

God bless everyone.